Web Apps

Robust and scalable web applications using AppHalo.io giving speed without sacrificing control.

Mobile Apps

Standalone apps or companions to web apps, delivering convenient, portable, professional tools.

Rapid Prototypes

Quick scoping, functional design and effective delivery of working products - in weeks, not months.


"Lifejak helped us move swiftly and effectively from an agency prototype, to a manageable, scalable and reliable product whose user base has grown exponentially and painlessly since then." - James Beaven, Keymailer

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Problem Solving

As contract CTO or CIO, or on-demand troubleshooting - when your in-house team needs extra horse-power.


Senior developers in web and mobile stacks, mainly JavaScript, Angular, and Cordova, but also with track records in Java and Microsoft stacks.

Our Products

We practice everything we know on our own products in the events, gaming and healthcare industries.

In-house Products

EventHalo, Apply and Pay, and Inbound.deals are successful products designed along with our clients, then released, supported and marketed by Lifejak. We understand our clients technical as well as commercial requirements better, as a result of being more than just a software developer ourselves.


Next Steps...

If you want to discuss how we can bring your idea to life, help your team solve a problem, or just chat about how software development works, please call.